Tennis Coach Filip Spasojevic

  • As a junior Filip Spasojevic, practiced with Ana Ivanovic (former #1 WTA) for 6 yrs and helped in her professional development
  • Played a number of junior matches with Novak Djokovic (former #1 in the world ATP)
  • Sparing partner with Ana Ivanovic (former #1 WTA), Jelena Jankovic (former #1 WTA), Viktor Troicki (former #12 ATP), Ilija Bozoljac (former #101 ATP), Nina Stojanovic (best ranking #121 WTA), Teodora Mircic etc.
  • In 2011 coached Jelena Lukic (National Team Member under 18)
  • In 2012 coached Milica Panic (ETA U16 rank 27)
  • Since 2010 – present, colaboration with Dragan Sherer (National junior coach)
  • Since 2013 – 2017, colaboration with Dejan Vranes (National Fed Cup coach)
  • Since 2013 – 2017, colaboration with coach Adrian Garcia (former 100 ATP player)
  • In 2014 worked as coach of National Libyan tennis team (Tripoli, Libya)
  • 2014 and 2015 worked as coach of Russian young players (Budva, Montenegro)
  • In 2015 (July, August) worked as coach of Chinese young tennis players (Belgrade, Serbia)In 2015 (July, August) worked as coach of Chinese young tennis players (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • In 2015 and 2016 worked as a head coach in DCTA tennis academy in China
  • Since 2017 – present, head coach of
  • Filip Spasojevic held a professional ATP singles ranking for 2 years
  • Played for junior and men’s team – Red Star tennis club in Belgrade – winning numerous titles
  • 2005 won 3th place in the National Chanpionship of Serbia and Montenegro for seniors
  • 2008 and 2009 played the German league for TSV Westfalia
  • 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 played the German league for TuS Sennelager
  • 2014 played Serbian first league for TC Lokomotiva
  • College of Sports and Health in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sports Gymnasium in Belgrade, Serbia



1st and 2nd volley drill

Work in China

Specific tennis training

National Libyan junior tennis team

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Phone number: +381 64 254 66 36
Email: [email protected]




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