Tennis Coach Balsa Vujicic

  • Over 15 years of coaching experience
  • Work with all ages and skills groups
  • Coached many public figures (Kiki Lesendrić, Sasa Popović, Aco Pejović, Dženan Lončarević, Dado Glišić, Zeljko Šašić..)
  • 2001 Coach at TC Partizan
  • 2002 personal tennis school with over 40 youngsters, from which many boys latter advanced to be one of the best juniors in their category (Djordje Jocić, Pepe Marjanović, Stefan Blanuša, Petar Barcot, Miodrag Popović..)
  • 2003 Coach and sparing partner Dragane Zarić (WTA 157, double 82)
  • 2004 Head Coach SBS (Montenegro)
  • 2006 Coach at TC “Djukic” Belgrade
  • 2013 Coach at TC “Agrimes” Belgrade
  • 2014 Nacional coaching contaract with company Babolat
  • In 2016 Nacional coaching contaract with company Head
  • 10 Best Juniors in Serbia
  • Won many tournaments, tennis camps and club tournaments
  • Since I was 12 years old I have played group championships for TC “Vršac”, starting with League of Vojvodina over to Second Federate all to First Federate league.
  • Play First Federate league for TC SBS, Montenegro.
  • Professional PTR (Professional tennis registry), 2016
  • C level GPTCA (Global Professional tennis coach Assosiation), 2014
  • B Licence ITF Level 2 (Ales Filipcic), 2012
  • C Licence TSS, 2008
  • Tennis coach diploma (Radmilo Armenulic), 2002
  • High School Borislav Petrov Braca, 2000

Even as a boy I began playing tennis actively, and after the Jelene Gencic camp, in which I spent time with future number one, I seriously start competing. I enter the top 10 players in Serbia and begin playing the first Serbian league.

With 20, I decided to become a professional tennis coach and prove myself in that job. I worked as a caoch at TC Partizan, where tennis aces, such as Ana Ivanovic, came from, before I decide to begin working individually.

During that period I worked on my personal knowledge about the sport and accumulated a lot of licenses. Local ones as well as international.



Tennis Coach Balsa Vujicic

Tennis Coach Balsa Vujicic

Balsa Vujicic Tennis Coach


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