Most junior tennis academies focus on the quantity of group hours, Serbia Tennis Academy focuses on creating a specific individual tennis program which is tailored to the players needs so he/she has the best opportunity to succeed. The time it takes to master the style of play, disciple the habits, explain and learn the philosophy, teach the technique and develop the mental toughness is all a process and journey.

The Individual Tennis Program is designed and customized for the highest level of dedicated players. The program starts minimum 5 hours of private time per week. So players will also have personal meetings on progress, recommendation on tournament scheduling, and consultation about future plans. We try to involve and inform parents as much as we can, but we also believe in the relationship between coach and player.

Also, along with the player, coach makes the optimal plan of the tournaments for the next period. Optionally, practices and sparing matches can be recorded and professionally analyzed together with a coach.

Also, Serbia Tennis Academy offers a coach who travels with a player and takes care of the transport, entry process for the tournaments, warm-ups, etc.


So price of this program depends on duration of he stay, practice hours, as well as chosement of the coach.

  • The program is available all year round.