Fitness Coach Milos Nikolic

Milos Nikolic is the Fitness Coach here at Serbia Tennis Academy, and one of its top fitness coaches. With over 12 years professional working fitness experience in tennis, Milos is capable of improving all ages and abilities from TE/ITF to professional ATP/WTA level. He has extensive experience with ITF Juniors & WTA Players along with U14 and U16 Fitness Programs and Cardio Tennis Programs.


  • Fitness tennis coach for professinal tennis players at “Epicentrum gym”
  • Fitness tennis coach in tennis clubs “TC Banjica and OTK Belgrade”
  • Fitness coach in the gym “Top Gym”
  • Coach for guided and personal training -Fitness center “Be Fit”
  • Coach for guided traning –“Recreational club Opus”
  • Personal trainer in the “Sport Active gym”
  • Personal trainer in “Revolution gym”
  • Authorized representative for Serbia-placement and recommendation of healthy food products
    in international company “Herbalife”
  • Additional business associates – wellness consultant and adviser for healthy food in the
    international company "Herbalife"


  • Five years of active coaching tennis in “TC Partizan” and two years in “TC Banjica”


  • GPTCA – Level C
  • Course for operational tennis trainer – Faculty of Sport and Physical
  • Faculty of Management in Sport – Alpha University
  • Journalism School „Association of Journalists of Serbia“, Belgrade
  • XII General High School "Dimitije Tucovic"


  • Commitment to the memorial rally “Artur Takac” – Project “Fast to the stars”
  • European Championship for juniors and seniors under the age of 23 years, kayaking and
    canoeing (volunteer transport sector)
  • EYOF (volunteer transport sector)
  • World University Rowing Championship (sector team leaders)
  • Won second and third place in the tournament in table tennis University “Braca Karic”
  • Attendance in the stands – “Moka Slavnić and Dule Vujosevic”
  • The practice of Serbian Football Association (Brankovic City-general secretary of the
    Football Association of Serbia)


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Milos Nikolic Fitness Coach

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Milos Nikolic Fitness Coach

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