Tennis Coach Branko Petkovic

A result-oriented self-starter, well organized, neat and precise, able to handle wide range of duties. Extremely hard working and dependable person. Able to deal effectively with all levels of individuals. Outgoing and self-motivated, able to function well in a group environments. Passion for playing and teaching tennis. Strong understanding of the psychology of the players. Helping nature. Ability to handle responsibilities and be accountable. Eager to take initiative and to learn as much as possible.

  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of modern tennis programs and
    teaching techniques (especially Tennis 10s – Play and Stay).
  • Thorough knowledge of equipment and facilities required in modern tennis programs.
  • Immense ability to demonstrate and teach various tennis strokes and scoring rules.
  • Profound ability to supervise effectively and maintain order at all times.
  • Great ability to relate to and work with children as well as adults.
  • Uncommon skill in dealing tactfully and effectively with the public.
  • Remarkable ability to give advice and recommendations.
  • Solid ability to recognize, analyze and react in day-to-day situations also to maintain
    the records and give the reports.
  • Professional Tennis Registry #PTR – Performance Certification
  • Tennis Federation of Serbia: Coaching licence for Tennis 10s and for adults
  • Higher Business Education Institution for Applied Studies, Belgrade
    Field of study: Business Economy and Entrepreneurial
    Degree: Professional Economists

Tennis Coach Branko





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